The National Modeling & Simulation Coalition (NMSC) is the capstone organization to promote and leverage Modeling and Simulation (M&S) to better the human condition and to strengthen the National well‐being.

The mission of the National Modeling & Simulation Coalition (NMSC) is to create a unified national community of individuals and organizations around the M&S discipline and professional practice and to be the principal advocate for M&S.

The purpose of the Coalition is to serve the needs of all components of the modeling and simulation community of practice in order to expand the use of modeling and simulation and to recognize it as a profession, as an industry, and in the marketplace. The Coalition provides a forum for dialog across industry, government, academia and professional societies and support for the discipline in the areas of technology/research and development, education/professional development, industrial development, and business practice through a campaign of public awareness. It provides a central channel of communication in order to simplify, expedite, and improve the national consideration of the many policies, regulations, problems, opportunities and questions of broad application involved in the modeling and simulation enterprise.

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Policy Guidance / Charter Inaugural Congress Report (2012) Membership Brochure